Sakurai Sheet Separator 2, .20mm/.008" thick, 47mm x 10mm, Package (25)

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Product Description

# SS-SAK2 Sheet Separators are manufactured to .008” thickness and are medium thickness sheet holddown fingers for use with all Oliver Sakurai presses. Use them in your press feeder for medium paper and light board substrates.


  • Sheet Separators are located close to the suction stem on the feeder system and control the position of the paper being fed into the press


    Metal Sheet Separators are designed for use with the following offset presses

  • All Oliver Sakurai offset printing presses
  • Sheet separators are manufactured from the highest quality steel and brass materials. Metal Tensions are matched to the specific press application.
  • Sheet separators are produced using the latest precision tooling which ensures both consistent quality and product finish
  • OEM specifications of all parts have been taken into account with product design using the latest CAD drawing system