Anti Set Off Spray Powder | Anti Blocking Powder

Our Anti-Set Off Spray Powder is a crucial tool in offset printing, preventing ink transfer between sheets for clean, high-quality prints. Applied during the printing process, it aids in drying and minimizes set-off, offering practical benefits such as improved print quality and reduced sticking. Suitable for various offset printing applications, this anti offset powder is an essential component for achieving professional results. Ensuring your printing projects are enhanced with the finest spray powder offset printing solutions.


Uses of Anti set off Spray Powder:

Preventing Ink Transfer: The strategic application of spray powder offset printing is crucial for preventing ink transfer between freshly printed sheets, reducing the risk of smudging and enhancing overall print quality.

Aiding Drying Process: Applied during printing, it facilitates faster ink drying, improving overall efficiency.

Minimizing Set-Off: Anti set-off powder minimizes the likelihood of set-off, ensuring clean and crisp prints with minimal offsetting issues.