Ionix Static Eliminator for Air Hose w/ID 1-1/4" or larger.

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IONIX:ION-400 Series
Product Description

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Why Ionix is better
Ionix Static Eliminators work better than ionization bars or tinsel. Why, you ask? Without getting too complicated in physics, a stack of paper acts like a capacitor. There is an electrical charge between the sheets of paper. Each sheet of paper is non- conductive and acts as an insulator. The ionization bar or the tinsel can only neutralize the electrical charge on the top of the top sheet. The problem is the charge between sheets one and two that causes the feeding problems.

The Ionix Static Eliminator attacks the static problem between the sheets. It is installed in the blower hose so that as air is blown through the Ionix unit it becomes ionized with both positive and negative charges. The charged air is blown between the sheets of paper in the feeder, neutralizing the static charge between the sheets. No static charge means consistent, single sheet feeding.

Install and forget about it for a year
The Ionix unit isnåÕt something that you put on your press when you have a problem. It is like a flu shot. You get the shot to prevent the flu not after you have it. Once it is installed, it eliminates any static that might be in the paper. If there is no staticåÉthere is no problem. If there is static, you will never know it.

Simply cut the blower hose and insert the barbed ends of the Ionix unit into the hose. No clamps, no screwdrivers, no electrical connections. Installation takes less than 10 minutes. It is fully guaranteed for 30 days from installation and warranted for 6 months under normal usage. Replacement is recommended after a year.

Where to use Ionix Static Eliminators
Ionix Static Eliminators work on sheet-fed presses, air driven collators, folders, high-speed copiers (such as Xerox Docutech), laminators, case binders, automatic-feed screen presses, mailing machines, inserters, packaging applications and other forced air feed systems. Ionix is especially effective on all carbonless stocks (a pain to run on most duplicators), plastics, gloss-coated and cast-coated paper and synthetic papers.


  • Utilizes a unique, patented means of neutralizing static
  • Requires no electricity or maintenance åÐ works automatically as air passes through the unit
  • Totally non-hazardous åÐ no high voltage or nuclear materials
  • Works on any size equipment
  • Eliminates static between the sheets to
  • facilitate feeding
  • Easy to install åÐ takes just minutes

Unconditionally guaranteed to perform for 30 days in the equipment for which it is designed. Warranted for 6 months from date of purchase based on normal use. Replacement is recommended after one year.

For machines other than sheet-fed presses and folders, materials other than paper, sheet sizes larger than 26" x 40", abnormally high static situations (high speed copiers, plastics), blower hoses larger than 11?2" diameter, or air pressures greater than 50 PSI, please call us at 800-669-0654