Heidelberg Speedmaster 74 SuperBlue Nets

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Product Description

The patented Super Blue 2® anti-marking, anti-static system featuring StripeNet™ anti-marking, anti-static nets is a superior method of protecting the wet side of a printed sheet. It accomplishes this by preventing ink buildup on transfer and delivery positions, thus eradicating the common problem of marking.

  • Less Marking
  • Shorter Make-readies
  • More Available Press Time
  • Less Paper Waste
  • No Static Buildup
  • Less Marking


SUPER BLUE 2® StripeNets® anti-marking, anti-static nets are chemically treated non- stretchable, wrinkle-free fabric, which elimi- nates any maintenance of the net.A soft metallic fiber woven into the net at regular intervals are conductive which helps reduce static electricity build up between printing units.These lines also serve as guides en- abling an easy and trouble-free installation process

A note about SuperBlue BASE COVERS for Heidelberg presses

For maximum effectiveness, SuperBlue Nets should be mounted on semi-permanent “Base Covers in good condition. Worn or torn base covers do not provide the slip and static dissipation needed by the nets to do their job and should be replaced.

Ordering the correct base cover for you press can be tricky. But we can help. Please call our customer service to determine correct product or click here to email us the following:

  1. Press Model
  2. Serial number 
  3. Pick for transfer or delivery cylinder.

We can determine correct cover for you press and provide the NOW discounted price.Call us to speak about Superblue Base Covers 1-800-669-0654