Fount-N-Kleer II Filter - FULL CASE (12) Replaces 7600EAE

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Product Description

A case of 12 Fount-n-Kleer Water Filter Cartridges - Pricing is 10% less than individual filter price.

Each cartridge provides a higher degree of filtration by replacing the conventional foam canister or bag style filters commonly fount in the tank of fountain solution chilling re-circulators The pleated media has significantly tighter matrix of fiber providing a more torturous path for particulate to pass than that of a bag or foam filter media. The pleated construction also provides a larger surface area to increase dirt holding capacity over the bag style filter.  Specs: Micron rating: 40
Dimensions 2.6" x 9.5", Hose barb:  diameter - 1/2", Media Surface Area: 6 sq ft, Capacity: 1 or 2 unit circulator up to 40",  5 gpm max flow rate.  Replaces 7600EAE