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Tower Coater Parts at National Offset Warehouse

Showing 1-3 of 3 items for Mitsubishi:Diamond 6000:Tower Coater Parts

55 Gallon Drum Lid 55 Gallon Drum Lid Part Number: DL-55 55 Gallon Coating Drum Lid

Price: $319.00

Harris & Bruno Seal Lubricant Harris & Bruno Seal Lubricant Part Number: C80-792 Harris and Bruno Seal Lubricant - 1 Tube

(price is per tube)

Price: $26.50

Harris & Bruno Felt Seals for Mitsubishi Diamond 6000 Harris & Bruno Felt Seals for Mitsubishi Diamond 6000 Part Number: CUST144-09 Pre Soaked Felt Seals for Harris & Bruno Coater for Mitsubishi Diamond 6000 - Bag of 50

Harris & Bruno Seals are Pre-Soaked in our warehouse prior to shipment to your plant ensuring you get the freshest seals with the longest shelf life. Pre-soaked felt seal is designed for Mitsubishi Diamond 6000 presses with Harris & Bruno Chambered Anilox Coater. These seals are precision cut and thoroughly lubricated to prevent leakage and maximize seal life

Price: $239.00