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Washup Blades at National Offset Warehouse

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Mitsubishi Diamond 3000 Wash up Blade Mitsubishi Diamond 3000 Wash up Blade Part Number: BLMT401 Wash Up Blade Replacement for Mitsubishi 3 FH, Diamond 3000, 43-1/4" X 1-9/16" X 11 holes - Metal/Rubber.

Provides quick wash-up performance with no roller damage for the Mitsubishi 3 FH, and Mitsubishi Diamond 3000 printing press
Blade material is stainless steel bonded to a chemically-resistant, nitrile rubber edge.

Uniform blade-to-roller contact assures efficient cleaning. Long lasting, wear-resistant, molded rubber tip.

Manufactured to OE specification

Price: $67.00