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Pressroom Magnifiers at National Offset Warehouse

Showing 1-5 of 5 items for Loupes & Microscopes:Pressroom Magnifiers

Gaebel 12X Swing Base Magnifier Gaebel 12X Swing Base Magnifier Part Number: OPT-LSB12

The best at a very attractive price!

The Lithco Swing-Base Magnifier is a favorite among serious pre-press professionals.  It features color-corrected, achromatic lens with adjustable, locking focus ring.

·      Ample, hands-free working space

·      Wide field lens

Price: $62.00

Lithco 6X Wide Field Magnifier Lithco 6X Wide Field Magnifier Part Number: OPT-WFM6

Advanced aspherical design for stripping, opaqueing and touch-up work

Unique design allows you ample working distance under the lens.  Clear acrylic base gathers light to brighten image.  The adjustable-focus, aspherical lenses deliver a wide, flat field of view from edge-to-edge by simply moving the eye.  A lens cap is included to protect the top optical surface.

Price: $35.50

Digital Pressroom Magnifier w/ LED light source 1x - 320x Digital Pressroom Magnifier w/ LED light source 1x - 320x Part Number: EQP-IHUSB2 UM-02 Handheld USB Digital Magnifier
The UM-02 is a high-resolution digital microscope with 2.0 MP image resolution in an ergonomic and handy design. The UM-02 fits comfortably and ergonomically in the hand. It slides easily and safely over any paper or surface to photograph or film with microscopic precision at up to 320x magnification on a 22" monitor. The UM-02 is ideal for use for graphics, quality control, medical and electronics applications.

Click on detailed description for full specifications and sample images

Price: $189.00

Peak 8X 35 mm Format Magnifier Peak 8X 35 mm Format Magnifier Part Number: OPT-PH8 Designed for viewing 35 mm negatives and transparencies
This magnifier fully covers the 24 mm x 36 mm area of the 35 mm format. Its clear plastic skirt prevents shadows.
  • Graduations on the skirt facilitate placement of crop marks to use in enlargements
  • Acrylic lens focuses for individual eyesight
  • Includes cord to hang magnifier around neck when working with medium and large format cameras and focusing on ground glass

Price: $48.99

5X Round Stand Magnifier 5X Round Stand Magnifier Part Number: OPT-RSM5 Aspheric lens for distortion-free viewing over the entire lens area
A powerful 5X aspheric lens is mounted in a pre-focused stand, allowing you to view a 60 mm area. Perfect for viewing color transparencies on a viewer or light box.

Price: $36.75