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Loupes for Printing at National Offset Warehouse

Showing 1-12 of 12 items for Loupes & Microscopes:Loupes for Printing

Original Paragon Folding Loupe, 10X Original Paragon Folding Loupe, 10X Part Number: OPT-PAR A flat field of view, locking focus ring and color correction make this magnifier a perennial favorite with prep department and pressroom professionals. Lens folds into protective case to prevent scratching. 10X magnification.

Price: $62.50

Betamag Folding Loupes Betamag Folding Loupes Part Number: OPT-BM10 National Offset Warehouse is pleased to offer specially selected Beta optics. All feature color corrected, achromatic lenses with adjustable focus and lock rings. Magnifications of 10X and 12X are available and have flat fields.

Price Range: $59.00 - $69.00
Lithco 8X Econo Loupes - Standard and Wide Field Lithco 8X Econo Loupes - Standard and Wide Field Part Number: OPT-EL8

Quality loupes at an economical price

These are the perfect loupes for all those places where you need an “extra” loupe.  Useful for students, photographers, teachers and “the front counter.”

·      Wide field, single acrylic lens

·      Clear plastic base for shadowless viewing

·      Wide Field model supplied with black vinyl zippered pouch

Price Range: $10.50 - $13.50
Peak Anastigmatic Measuring Loupe 4X Peak Anastigmatic Measuring Loupe 4X Part Number: OPT-P19904

Anastigmatic loupes are known for extremely sharp center-to-edge clarity and the entire field may be viewed by merely moving the eye.  High-resolution achromatic lens system focuses from -2 to +2 diopters.  Comes with a detachable measuring reticle that covers a 2" range in 0.1 mm increments.  Fully coated for color corrected, flat field viewing.  Smooth helicoid twist-focus mechanism is similar to the focus on premium camera lenses.  Black acrylic pipe included.

 Recommended for inspecting color transparencies, proofs and process color printing.

Price: $239.00

Peak Square Format Focus Loupe 4X Peak Square Format Focus Loupe 4X Part Number: OPT-P2038

Designed for medium-format photography, this loupe allows you to view the entire frame of 120/220 format film.  Supplied with interchangeable bases; use the clear base when viewing without an external light source, or the opaque black base on a light table or camera back. 

Supplied with a lens cap and removable neck strap.

Price: $87.00

SKS J-10 and J-15 Loupes SKS J-10 and J-15 Loupes Part Number: OPT-J10

These are economically priced focusing loupes.  Simply turn the top ring and adjust.

Clear plastic skirt allows for even, shadow-free viewing.

Price Range: $24.90 - $29.90
Peak Swing Base Loupes (15X and 22X) Peak Swing Base Loupes (15X and 22X) Part Number: OPT-PSB15

The industry standard for many years

These loupes feature color-corrected, achromatic glass lenses that virtually eliminate color aberration.  The 15X is free of spherical aberration, and features precision focusing. A sturdy leatherette carry case protects the unit.

Price Range: $87.50 - $97.50
Peak Plasti-Loupe 10X Peak Plasti-Loupe 10X Part Number: OPT-P2032

A single-lens, fixed focus loupe with a clear acrylic skirt.  Economical price AND quality optics make this another best buy from National Offset Warehouse.


Made in Japan

Price: $18.99

Gaebel 12X Acrylic Base Magnifier Gaebel 12X Acrylic Base Magnifier Part Number: OPT-PB12UN

A real pre-press gem, beautifully designed in crystal clear acrylic

Use this magnifier in the darkroom to focus your camera on the ground glass or check film development without scratching the emulsion.  Ideal on the stripping table - large working distance and an extra-wide, flat field of view.

·      Fully color-corrected, achromatic lens system

·      Adjustable focus with lock-ring

·      Clear plastic base for shadowless viewing

Price: $62.00

LumaMag Add-On Light for 10X & 12X Folding Magnifiers and Loupes LumaMag Add-On Light for 10X & 12X Folding Magnifiers and Loupes Part Number: OPTLM10L The LumaMag Add-On Light dramatically improves visibility

• Great for Pressroom
• A MUST for viewing stochastic dots
• Simple to add into your existing magnifier
• Long-lasting batteries included
• Patented

2 types available
LumaMag 10 Add-On Light for 10X  Lithomag, Betamag and Paragon folding loupes
LumaMag 12 Add-On Light for 12X  Lithomag and Betamag folding loupes

Loupes not included

Price Range: $36.95 - $38.75
Peak Fixed Focus Loupes – 5X, 10X, 15X and 22X Peak Fixed Focus Loupes – 5X, 10X, 15X and 22X Part Number: OPT-P1960

Bright, sharp, loupes with a 360° clear acrylic base to admit light from all directions. 

·      5X has a simple optical glass lens

·      10X features a two-element optical glass lens

·      15X utilizes a three-element, two-group achromatic optical glass construction

·      22X features a four-element, three-group achromatic optical glass lens construction

·      Both 15X and 22X are ideal for registration, trapping and slur checks in color printing

Price Range: $15.50 - $49.50
Lithco LithoMag Folding Loupes Lithco LithoMag Folding Loupes Part Number: OPT-LM10

Available in three different magnifications to match your needs

These are the best general-purpose magnifiers for use in all areas of graphic arts production from pre-press to press.  All feature achromatic lens systems that can be focused for individual eyesight.  All have fully color corrected lenses.

·      Lens folds into sturdy base which acts as a carry case

·      Lock-ring on lens maintains focus

·      Ample, hands-free working space under 10X and 12X models

·      12X also features an extra-wide field of view lens

·      Includes protective pouch

Price Range: $55.00 - $67.50