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Linen Testers at National Offset Warehouse

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Lithco Folding Linen Testers 1 x 1 Lithco Folding Linen Testers 1 x 1 Part Number: OPT-LT1

All linen testers are not created equal...these are the best

Lithco Linen Testers are the finest quality available.  Double glass lens system mounted in a cast zinc frame assures a uniform flat field that is always in sharp focus.

·      The most popular magnifiers - found in print shops worldwide

·      Enhanced lens system brightens image for easier viewing

·      1/2", 3/4" and 1" sold with convenient vinyl carrying case

·      Also available, 4" x 4" Linen Tester with single acrylic lens and plastic frame

Price Range: $16.95 - $21.95